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curopark parking management system

Touchless Technologies For The Workplace

More and more commercial real estate properties are entering into partnerships with firms that produce touchless products as the surge in demand for technology products for the home and office keeps growing. Here is an example of touchless sensor technology for your contemporary office building

QR Codes: This technology is very trendy in restaurants and offline retail stores, where you simply scan the QR code and all the pertinent information appears on the screen immediately. Now, QR codes are an excellent way to create a touchless office, as they can be used to sign in employees and visitors at the office entrance. The information that is recorded can be kept as long as the administration team desires. Once the QR code system is implemented, the office entrance system becomes seamless, as the user only needs to use his smartphone to check-in. QR codes can reduce the need for lines, provide a more seamless experience, and effortlessly encourage customers and guests to visit. All in the interest of their safety!

Facial Recognition: Facial recognition is one of those technologies that we once saw in the movies and were fascinated by. It is unfathomable that this technology is now a part of our reality.A facial recognition system is a technology that can match a digital image or video frame of a human face to a database of faces. Typically employed to authenticate users through ID verification services, such a system operates by locating and measuring facial features within an image.Facial recognition does not require any effort on the part of the user, which is one of its many great features. Similar to how facial recognition can be used to unlock your iPhone, it can also be used for workplace automation.In addition to enhancing office security, facial recognition can also be used for on-site sign-in and sign-out. Ensure that all of your visitors, contractors, and employees are properly identified and that unauthorised individuals do not have access to your office.

What is CUROVMS?

CuroVMS is a sophisticated visitor management system that can intelligently manage both frequent and first-time visitors. It is an advanced touchless technology that automates and streamlines front office processes. It is the most advanced software available, which not only streamlines check-in procedures but also projects a dynamic image of your office to visitors. How?? Let us explain it to you!

User-friendly Generation Pass

With the aid of a tablet installed at the reception, a walk-in visitor can generate a pass. Pass generation can also be performed by scanning a QR code. The generation of passes is a simple process. As soon as a visitor submits his information, the host is notified. The host can simultaneously approve or disapprove a visitor’s pass. A host can create a pre-scheduled meeting with a visitor by using a web-based login to generate a simple, user-friendly pass. Additionally, visitor information is stored securely for security purposes.

Rapid and Secure Access

Through access gates, a visitor can enter safely and without interruption.

Elevator Access control

Visitors are restricted to the destination floor because an elevator is automatically assigned to that floor.


It is an innovative elevator management system designed to optimise elevator operations in a building. There is no need to physically press buttons when selecting a floor. A mobile application can be used for all elevator operations. Non-Contact Operations Using a mobile application, you can perform all elevator operations without touching the elevator’s physical buttons. It helps make elevator operations completely touchless. QR Code Enabled Each elevator is equipped with a unique QR Code that allows users to operate the elevator via the mobile application. Auto Geo Location The application automatically identifies the current elevator lobby using geolocation.


Curopark is a high-tech parking management system that can help with problems like traffic congestion and late arrivals. Its primary application is parking management for any type of building, including public, private, and residential ones. The goal of this system is to automate and simplify the process of parking cars. Advanced licence plate reading (ANPR), radio frequency identification (RFID), fast tag (Fastag), facial recognition (FR), and quick response (QR) codes, all contribute to provide a high-quality parking experience to the user.

Face Recognization in CuroPark With the help of facial recognition technology, we can now record and keep a database of people who enter and exit a vehicle. CuroPark’s Facial Recognition technology can identify suspects sitting in the car, therefore it can greatly speed up the process of finding those who have committed crimes. CuroPark Vehicle Locator With this patented technology, users and building supervisors can quickly and easily access information about a specific car, such as its make, model, licence plate number, and more. CuroPark Car Finding System simplifies parking lot management tasks like slot assignment and slot number retrieval for building administrators. The CuroPark Security Upgrade CuroPark is convenient for the building’s management and the tenants alike because it ensures the safety of their vehicles and makes parking a breeze. Digital security locks, blacklist entry, notification alerts, and a lot more are just a few of CuroPark’s impressive security features. CuroPark: A Reconciliation of Parking Fees CuroPark streamlines the process of reconciling parking fees paid by pass holders, paid users, and guests using a variety of payment methods.