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CuroPark Urban

Owing to rapidly expanding urbanization in various sections of the country, a significant opportunity for high-rise residential complexes has been created. The tear 1 and tear 2 cities in India used to have these high-rise residential complexes, but due to population growth and land scarcity, even the tear 3 cities are now looking into the possibility of providing similar housing. The urban population is wealthy enough to purchase one or possibly numerous vehicles for their daily necessity. These buildings or apartment owners and their visitors are currently having difficulty finding sufficient and secure parking spaces. CuroPark Urban is modeled after different styles of residential condominiums, including multi-tower-single-complexes, multi-complex-gated communities, and structures that resemble large townships.

As increased urbanization has entailed establishment of new residential areas, traffic density has inevitably increased. It has posed new challenges to traffic and parking management engineers. We have come up with the most accurate and easy-to-deploy solution to handle the pressure exerted by rapid urbanization. CuroPark Urban is an end-to-end solution for resolving all sorts of issues that come across in parking in urban areas.

Smart automated solution has made parking practical and easy for all sorts of users including free parking, periodic pass holders, paid parking users, visitors, and residents. Reconciliation of the parking fees collected from the abovementioned users is made possible with the system. The main objective of a parking guidance system is to provide users with a seamless parking experience. It can help manage parking slots in urban residential areas, incredibly. Parking guidance system makes use of ultra-advanced techniques that aid in carefully examining parking space availability, and removing chaos and uncertainty in parking.

Basic Purpose

  • To avoid unauthorized parking.
  • Enabling seamless and smooth entry and exit experience to the residents and visiting guests
  • To keep transparency of parking slots available & occupied
  • Residents vehicle authorisation and access inside the residential complexes
  • Guest / Visitor invitation and seamless movement of vehicles.
  • Digital vehicle security lock.
  • Maintain Security and avoid hazards.
  • Keep proper records of all entry and exiting vehicles.
  • Receive vehicle moment alert on your mobile application.

Software Features


  • Residential Comples
  • Single / Multilevel Parking
  • Single entry / Multi exit points
  • Multi entry / Single exit point
  • Multi Entry / Multi exit Points
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  • Residents’ vehicle authentication and access
  • Multiple Vehicle entry authorization and access allow
  • Visitors’ vehicle authentication and access
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  • Block Exit
  • Blacklist Entry
  • Driver Face mapped with Vehicle
  • Security Lock
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  • QR / FASTag based digital payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Parking collection reconciliation
  • Role based versatile reporting
  • Operator wise parking collection
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CuroPark signature provides a one-stop parking solution for residential complexes. It supports both single and multi-level parking. According to the architecture of the building, Single / Multilevel Parking, Single entry / Multi exit points, Multi entry / Single exit point, Multi Entry / Multi exit Points are easily manageable.


With the help of CuroPark parking management system, our users can be benefitted from striking features such as Residents’ vehicle authentication and access, Multiple Vehicle entry authorization and access, and Visitors’ vehicle authentication and access. And also, users can check the real-time availability of the parking slots.


Security features are the prime concern of the CuroPark Signature variant. With the help of advanced digital technology, the admin can block exit, and blacklist entry of unauthorized vehicles. Driver's face gets mapped with the system. Also, you get a digital security lock with our offered smart parking management system


The intelligent automated system offers a range of other features that have revolutionized the way parking used to do earlier. A few such key features are QR / FASTag based digital payment, Cash Payment, Parking collection reconciliation, Role based versatile reporting, Operator wise parking collection.

CuroPark Urban is backed by the most advanced technologies such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Artificial Intelligence (AI), QR code, and Face Recognition technology.

ANPR is a technology that has evolved a lot in recent times and is employed exhaustively in managing the parking of vehicles. The system consists of ANPR cameras to take pictures of license plates. Characters of number plates are scanned and read by the sensors and retrieved needful data is then processed to identify a vehicle. This makes car touchless car parking practical and safe. With this approach, rapid tag integration is also feasible. RFID is now widely used for the automatic tracking and identification of objects. RFID system has two main components, which are an RFID reader and an RFID tag. RFID tag consists of small antennas, which use radio frequency waves to send information and other necessary data to RFID reader. The RFID reader then reads the transmitted data and stores it for further processing. It enables the identification of tagged objects.

Facial recognition is yet another key technology used in the system to help enhance security features. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in the identification of faces. We can keep track of people's faces by using facial recognition technology in this system. This helps identify occupants seated inside of moving vehicles. This improves security because we can recognize car's passengers in an emergency.


For all kinds of users, our CuroPark Signature has made parking exceedingly simple and useful. The way automatic parking is currently done has been radically transformed by the employment of cutting-edge technologies and digital devices.