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Pune is a beautiful city that is known widely for its developed infrastructure, pleasant climate, nature, and rich cultural heritage. The city has embraced IT revolution by becoming India’s second-largest software hub. This smart city is regarded to be the most significant automobile and manufacturing hub of the country. In addition to this, Pune is home to several world-class educational institutes, and therefore, it is widely regarded as the “Oxford of the East”.

There are several IT parks scattered throughout this smart city. For this reason, the roads are generally packed with vehicles. As per a survey conducted in metro cities, Pune is having a very large number of two-wheelers registered (refer to the image shown). The increase in number of two wheelers in the city has added to traffic congestion. With such dense traffic movement, vehicle parking becomes a challenging task. People are found fishing for a parking space throughout the day. Parking management has become a laborious chore as a result of an increase in the number of vehicles in the city. Conventional parking management systems are unable to offer a practical and straightforward approach to manage parking.

Capitaland Group (Ascendas)
  • Ascendas IT Park, Pune

An innovative and automated parking management solution is required to tackle the complicated parking issues in a city like Pune. In order to handle vehicle parking at various high-rise residential complexes, business buildings, retail facilities, and mixed properties, we have developed an intelligent parking management system, known as Curopark. Our parking management system provides a one-stop, all-inclusive solution to simplify parking procedures at the aforementioned buildings located in the city.

To provide an apt solution for parking management, we have spent a lot of time on research and development. We have come up with cutting-edge projects to handle complex parking issues. These projects are intended to overcome confusion in parking and eliminate chaos due to hasty vehicle parking in the vicinity. Advanced parking management system combines different new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Facial Recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Quick Response (QR) codes to provide a secure and reliable parking management solution.

The projects are intended to address all sorts of parking problems that can occur next to high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, retail buildings, and mixed properties. Smart parking management system consists of industry-leading hardware and software that helps manage complex parking problems. By utilizing cutting-edge techniques, the projects offer an all-inclusive solution to monitor the entry and exit of each vehicle. Thanks to features like parking space allocation, automatic barrier operation for entry and exit, user-friendly software assistance, fastTag integration, and many more, vehicle parking has become simple and convenient for end-users.

We are working on a plethora of projects in order to streamline methods of parking management in the city. Automated parking management system makes use of Artificial intelligence and facial recognition. A full-fledged project is installed at Capitaland Group (Ascendas), Ascendas IT Park, Pune to manage complex parking problems. This ticketless parking management system is efficiently working and managing vehicle parking in the vicinity of IT Park