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CuroPark Marina

CuroPark Marina is an advanced parking system designed and developed to manage parking spaces at a retail segment such as a mall. With so many variables in play, such as traffic and space availability, managing parking lots is not an easy task for malls and other retail facilities. It takes a lot of time, and labor, and is ineffective. Utilizing our parking management system i.e. CuroPark Marina can assist a retail segment lower its administrative costs associated with parking and lessen the negative effects of its parking lot on the neighborhood.

CuroPark Marina is specifically designed for providing intelligent parking solutions for malls. A mall is an example of a common location where parking is meant for free parking, pass holders, FOC users, paid parking users, etc. The management faces a daily issue in reconciling parking fees that should be realized with those that are actually collected using various modes. As a result, many of these businesses experience daily financial losses. The management is being assisted by CuroPark Marina, which is developed based on the day to day requirements and issues faced by a typical retail segment like a mall. This is leading to an increase in income.

The system utilizes technologies such as Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID), face recognition, and QR to provide advanced parking solution. An important technology in this system is automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Without human assistance, ANPR makes it possible to read license plates from moving automobiles. It is a system that uses complex character recognition to automatically read license plates.

Basic Purpose

  • Keep proper records of all entry and exiting vehicles

  • Enabling seamless and smooth entry and exit experience to the parking users
  • To keep transparency of parking slots available & occupied
  • Issue pass and manage the periodic pass holders vehicle.
  • Authorise, allow and data keeping of FOC vehicles .
  • Keep the record of total parking fee collection with segregated mode of payment
  • Operator wise parking fee collection report
  • Pre pay your parking fare to save time at the time of exit.

Software Features


  • Retail / Mall
  • Multi-level
  • Single entry / Multi exit points
  • Multi entry / Single exit point
  • Multi Entry / Multi exit Points
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  • Free Parking
  • Passholders / FOC / Paid Parking
  • Realtime availability
  • Search and Book Parking
  • Digital prepayment of parking charges before exit
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  • Block Exit
  • Blacklist Entry
  • Driver Face mapped with Vehicle
  • Security Lock
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  • QR Based digital payment
  • FASTag based digital Payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Parking collection reconciliation
  • Role based versatile reporting
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CuroPark Marina is a fully featured and functional car parking system. It is installed at retail segments such as malls for multi-level parking solutions. Other features such as Single entry / Multi exit points, Multi entry / Single exit point, Multi Entry / Multi exit Points are USPs of the system


With the help of the CuroPark Marina, you can easily manage pass holders/FOC/Paid Parking users. You can check real-time availability of parking spaces using a mobile app. Search and book parking option is also available with this system. You can digitally pay parking charges before exiting.


CuroPark Marina provides unmatched security features. With its advanced automated functionalities, it helps in blacklisting entry, blocking exit, and providing digital security lock to vehicles. For enhanced security reasons, driver face is also mapped with vehicle.


Some of the other noteworthy features including QR based digital payment, FAStag based digital payment, cash payment, parking collection reconciliation, and role based versatile reporting.

Radio Frequency Identification, sometimes known as RFID, is another key technology incorporated into this system. It alludes to a wireless system made up of readers and tags. A reader is an electrical device that transmits radio waves and receives signals from RFID tags through one or more antennas. Radio waves are employed by tags to transmit their identity and other information. Additionally, the system makes use of QR technology to provide touchless parking solution. A machine-readable QR code is made up of an array of black and white squares. It is used to store digital data that is scanned and read by a mobile phone's camera.

Facial recognition is another crucial technology that the system uses to offer secure parking solutions. It mimics the ability of humans to recognize faces by using artificial intelligence (AI). Facial recognition software records a face's characteristics and arranges them into a pattern in a manner similar to how a person knows a face. It then uses this pattern to identify or categorize faces. By recognizing faces of driver and vehicle occupants and keeping this record safe for future use, security features are largely optimized. Parking guidance system is designed to give users a seamless parking experience. We have used world’s most advanced software and technology to manage parking space in retail segment. The system helps in scrutinizing parking slot availability and thereby eliminates disorder and confusion in parking.

One of the main components of retail segment parking technology is digitized entry and exit. It makes it simple for guests and staff to get parking spaces with minimal to no interaction from other people. Guests and staff can enter the malls without having to wait too long thanks to features like car park entry systems and digital payment options.


By giving the best parking solution to the retail segment, we have revolutionized the current vehicle parking management methodologies. CuroPark Marina has accepted the burning challenges that come across in malls and other retail segments during parking vehicles and provided a practical solution to tackling these challenges.