CuroPark Parking management system offers a plethora of striking features that make parking a seamless and smooth experience for all types of users including free parking, paid parking, periodic pass holders, FOC, among others. Our design team thoroughly examines the parking challenges arising in the vicinity and strives to come up with the most reliable and efficient parking management system. CuroPark is a smart and intelligent parking management system. It has eliminated the shortcomings of currently deployed parking management systems by introducing cutting-edge ANPR, AI, RFID, Facial Recognition, and dynamic QR technologies.

We have left no stone unturned in order to design a solution that is capable of tackling all burning challenges coming across in managing the parking of vehicles at different sites including residential, business, retail, and seaport, among others. CuroPark is a renowned name in the field of automated parking management solution providers.

  • Real-time parking availability
  • First come first serve
  • Reservation for senior management/Women
  • Building access control, Flap / Turnstile, and elevator access control system
  • Exit as per security settings by the user
  • Book your slot
  • Parking guidance system
  • Entry allowed as per company parking availability
curopark parking management
  • Maintains availability of company parking
  • Slot allocation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Block vehicle exit as per settings by building admin
  • Automated Barrier Operation for Entry/Exit
  • Complete record of every entry & exit
  • Software to manage parking allocation between employees
  • Paid Parking

Owing to the user-friendly features, different segments such as residential, commercial, retail, and even port areas are now looking up to solutions provided by CuroPark. Nobody likes to visit a place where parking facilities are not up to the mark. Seamless and secure parking is crucial for incrementing footfall at any business complex. Our fully featured parking management system streamlines the handling of vehicle parking and makes the entry and exit experience of users convenient.

The unmatched features offered by CuroPark have made it one of the most sought-after parking management systems. It helps in checking real-time parking availability and provides parking slots on a first come and first serve basis. Complete vehicle movement inside parking lot is monitored by the system. Cutting-edge ANPR technology facilitates the system to monitor entry and exit of every vehicle.

With the advancement in technology, CuroPark has evolved a lot. It provides a plethora of striking features that have dramatically changed the way of parking used to do earlier. Features such as parking slot allocation, automated barrier operation for entry and exit, user-friendly software support, and many more have made parking effortless and seemingly convenient for all users.

Owing to its unmatched security features, the offered CuroPark system has become the first choice of users. The system offers a digital security lock to its end users. Digital security lock makes it simple to set the exit time of the vehicle; therefore, no one can illegitimately move your vehicle out of the parking space of the building before the set exit time. And also, unauthorized attempts to move a vehicle will push a notification or alter message to user’s mobile number. Moreover, the system is integrated with Facial recognition technology, which is used to recognize a person sitting inside a moving vehicle. Record of faces of vehicle occupants is kept safely for security purposes

This system offers a variety of user-friendly features such as cash payment, QR based digital payment, parking collection reconciliation, Role based versatile reporting, FASTag based digital payment, and a few more. These are some of the noteworthy features of the CuroPark system that provides an end-to-end solution for parking problems arising at complex residential buildings, commercial buildings, mixed property, and port areas.