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Bangalore is the industrial city of Karnataka. It is home to several IT companies. With its green spaces and parks, it has earned status of green city of India. Weather conditions in this city are pleasurable throughout the year. Most importantly, despite being the second fastest-growing city in our country, it manages to stay clean, green, and pollution free. This high-tech city is a major attraction for tourists owing to its parks and nightlife.

In the image shown above, number of vehicles registered per year in Bangalore city from 2015 to 2019 is given.

Due to the rapid growth of population and exponentially increasing vehicles, traffic on the roads of Bangalore has phenomenally risen. The traffic conditions in this beautiful city are freighting one. An annual survey conducted by location technology firm TomTom on 416 cities revealed that Bangalore faces higher bottlenecks at its major junctions and prime areas compared to other cities. The report also tells that an average resident of the city spends 71% extra travel time due to slow-moving traffic.

Capitaland Group (Ascendas)
  • International Tech Park, Bangalore

Dense vehicular movement and congestion on roads have caused people to hardly find a secure place for parking their vehicles. Parking spaces are limited and vehicles are increasing day by day. This has complicated parking management, especially during the peak hours when a huge flux of traffic is seen on the roads. Parking management at high-rise residential buildings, business parks, retail facilities, and various other properties is not a cakewalk nowadays. There is a need for a smart parking management system that can handle complex parking issues efficiently.

We at CuroPark, are deeply engrossed in designing and implementing an ultra-advanced parking management system. Our projects are intended to provide clients with a reliable and cost-effective solution for handling unorganized and chaotic parking issues. Our team of experienced technocrats has utilized cutting-edge techniques and tools to design projects that aim to simplify vehicle parking and help end-user find a secure parking slot.

These projects are advantageous for both building admin and end-user as the deployment of intelligent parking management system results in saving time and energy, and also chaos in parking during peak hours is eliminated completely. Our ongoing project at Capitaland Group (Ascendas), International Tech Park, Bangalore is handling all parking-related issues efficiently. By employing our provided parking management solution, users from top Fortune 500 MNCs are saving their time and effort they would have otherwise spent on vehicle parking.

Loaded with several functional features, the automated parking management system has grabbed the eyes of the building administrators. Features such as FASTag based digital payment, QR based digital payment, Cash Payment, Parking collection reconciliation, Role based versatile reporting, Digital security lock, and various others make it a highly sought-after parking management system in the marketplace.

Parking a vehicle was never that easy earlier. Introduction of advanced technology such AI, RFID, ANPR, Facial recognition, and QR has made the system extremely secure and reliable. Facial recognition makes it easy to keep a record of the faces of vehicle occupants. This feature takes security to an advanced level as clients or building admins can easily retrieve vehicle occupants in case of emergency.

The sole aim of deployed projects is to provide overall client satisfaction. We stand tall on our commitment by giving an on-spot resolution of parking-related problems. The key to a successful business is customer happiness, knowing this fact we went an extra mile to provide an apt solution for parking management.