Backed by a team of experienced professionals and technocrats, we are thoroughly engrossed in rendering solutions for the management of parking of vehicles at different business facilities, retail buildings, multi-tenant commercial buildings, and residential societies. Our offered solutions aim at providing customers with a seamless automobile parking experience by eradicating confusion and hasty car parking issues. Due to our rich experience and expertise in parking lot management and operation, we have discovered how to increase efficiency in managing vehicles parking with the help of modern technology and digital devices. We provide our clients with automated parking solutions depending on the site’s architecture and map.

Be it commercial, residential, or retail buildings, we thrive to help our clients get a customized automobile parking solution in all segments. Our uncompromised dedication and efforts in imparting a functional solution have made us a prominent solution provider in this domain. Our pan India presence has given rise to several ongoing projects that are customized based on the particular needs of each property.

We have successfully marked our existence in major tear 1, tear2, and even Tear 3 cities of the country. By providing technologically advanced parking solution that boasts a verity of features such as touchless parking, ticketless entry & exit, and real time slot availability check, among others, we stand out from our peers in many different ways. Security is enhanced unexpectedly as the system incorporates Facial recognition technology and Artificial intelligence for tracking of vehicle occupants. And also, maintaining statistical data and documents related to vehicle parking has become a cakewalk with CuroPark parking management system.

Our projects are designed concerning the exact requirements of clients. We have employed our team to cater to the different segments including residential, commercial, retail, and a combination of these segments which is currently in trend. Each project is handled by a team of experienced technocrats and engineers, who utilize cutting-edge technology to design and implement automated parking management system. Our team members visit the site and gather minute details of building architecture and understand the parking issues and challenges arising in the vicinity during the parking of vehicles at peak hours.

Sound knowledge of real-world parking problems and challenges helps us design a solution that efficiently suppresses parking issues and makes the management of vehicle parking extremely smooth and effortless. Our projects are intended to make people’s living standards substantially enhanced by eliminating concerns related to vehicle security and safety at a parking lot.

Projects intended to manage parking issues combine cutting-edge automatic number plate recognition technology (ANPR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR, and Facial Recognition. ANPR cameras are responsible to read the vehicle’s registration plate. It aids in the touchless entry of the vehicle. Security of the vehicle is significantly enhanced with the incorporation of the ANPR technology. RFID is another important technology used to identify the vehicle and authorize its entry and exit in a secure manner. In addition, Facial recognition helps in keeping a record of the faces of occupants seated inside a moving vehicle. This plays an important role in establishing secure entry and exit of the vehicle.

Dynamic QR or quick response codes are required to digitally access the data that helps in providing an intelligent and smart automated parking solution.

Our current projects embeds a variety of features including QR based digital payment, FASTag based digital payment, Cash Payment, Parking collection reconciliation, Role based versatile reporting, among others. Security of vehicle is prime concern of our ongoing projects. Users get security features such as digital security lock, blacklist entry and block exit.

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