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Globalization has considerably triggered the flow of cargo at port areas where parking of heavy-duty vehicles needs to be handled by gateway port management. To be able to manage the parking of loaders, commercial vehicles, and containers at seaports, port management usually counts on smart and automated parking management systems. It is generally seen that bottlenecks in ports result in a waste of time and energy, and also cargo transportation gets affected badly. Therefore, the deployment of a smart and intelligent automated parking management system is a need of time. It helps systematically park heavy-duty vehicles at the seaport and eliminates confusion related to parking space occupancy.

In order to efficiently tackle parking challenges arising in port areas, our automated parking management system known as CuroPark Harbor fits in the best. It is a phenomenally functional and smart parking management system. It has lessened the chaotic parking issues to a great extent and helped in managing the parking of all sorts of mammoth vehicles used in the transportation of cargo.

The process of managing complex parking issues is handled securely with the help of a Real-Time TCN number that aids in fetching details of shipping containers. These details are retrieved from the port server through an application programming interface (API) provided by NIC, a technology partner of the government of India. API makes it possible to push real-time data from port server to CuroPark server, which is controlled by NIC.

Basic Purpose

  • To avoid unauthorized parking.
  • Enabling seamless and smooth entry and exit experience to the parking users
  • To keep transparency of parking slots available & occupied
  • Container verification based on TCN (Truck chit no.) through NIC server.
  • Container access permission and parking slot allocation based on container type.
  • Keep the record of container parking duration with entry and exit date / time.
  • FASTag / Digital and Cash Payment modes.
  • Parked Container slot change / Update.
  • Keep the record of total parking fee collection with segregated mode of payment

Software Features


  • Sea Port
  • Open Parking
  • Single entry / Multi exit points
  • Multi entry / Single exit point
  • Multi Entry / Multi exit Points
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  • Container authentication and verification through NIC server
  • Parking slot allocation based on type of container
  • Cash / Digital prepayment of parking charges before exit
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  • Block Exit
  • Blacklist Entry
  • Driver Face mapped with Vehicle
  • Security Lock
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  • QR / FASTag based digital payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Parking collection reconciliation
  • Role based versatile reporting
  • Operator wise parking collection
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This system is capable of handling parking challenges coming in areas including a seaport and open parking areas. And also, based on the structure of the parking area, Single entry / Multi exit points, Multi entry / Single exit point, Multi Entry / Multi exit Points are feasible with this system.


Making parking a better experience for users, we have designed our system to manage Parking slot allocation based on the type of container. Container authentication and verification through NIC server is a unique feature of the system. Real-time availability of the parking slots can also be checked.


There is a range of security features that our offered Curopark Harbor is providing. Some of the most important features are Block Exit, Blacklist Entry, Driver Face mapped with Vehicle, Security Lock, among others. These features help in enhancing all security aspects of parking.


There are a plethora of other features that are responsible for the system’s usability in seaport parking areas. Some of the features are QR / FASTag based digital payment, Cash Payment, Parking collection reconciliation, Role based versatile reporting, Operator wise parking collection.

API level integration is the key feature of our CuroPark Harbor which helps in retrieving details of the shipping container. Post data retrieval, these details are verified and cross-checked manually at the port entry gate, therefore, the risk associated with unauthorized vehicle entry is eliminated, entirely. Entry ticket and parking slot number are assigned to a vehicle only after stringent document scrutiny against the data received from the port server.

CuroPark Harbor is designed to meet the specific challenges that come across in managing parking at seaports. The system consists of high-precision digital devices and tools that provide accurate information related to the availability of parking slots, space occupancy, and reserved parking spaces, among others. The system completely eliminates chaos and uncertainty in parking. This helps in a fast and smooth transportation of cargo from one location to another.

The system utilizes modern technologies in order to provide a touchless solution for parking at seaports. Technologies that support the system are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Face Recognition, and QR code.A key technology that is the foundation of the system is Automatic Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR). It makes use of digital cameras that capture number plate image of the vehicle and reads it. Characters read by the cameras are converted into digital data and processed for recognizing the identity of the vehicle. With the application of the ANPR, rapid tag integration has also been made possible.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is now a common technology for tracking and identification of objects. RFID reader and RFID tag are the two essential parts of the RFID system. The tag is equipped with small antennas that transmit information and other important data to an RFID reader via radio frequency waves. The sent data is then read by the RFID reader and stored for further processing.

Facial recognition is used to uniquely identify passengers of a vehicle with an aim to strengthen security features. It is an advanced technology that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify occupants of a moving vehicle. It is one of the safest and most reliable technologies as it makes use of dynamic patterns to function as a face scanner.

A QR code or quick response code is a two-dimensional bar code that is extensively used in providing access to online information. It is generally scanned by a digital camera on a Smartphone. Curopark Harbor utilizes dynamic QR to provide smart touchless parking solutions to end users


Smart Parking management system has dramatically changed the way of parking at seaport areas, where a large number of heavy-duty transportation vehicles move around. Parking is now more secure and safer than ever as the system employs modern technologies and digital devices to provide automated parking solutions. Chaotic parking issues and confusion in managing incoming load of traffic at seaport parking areas are brilliantly managed with the system