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Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana state. It is best known for its mesmerizing beauty, heritage, culture, and its world-famous mouthwatering Biryani. The city is home to various monuments such as Charminar, Chowmahalla palace, Qutub Shahi Tomb, and many minarets. The cuisine of this beautiful city is a mix of Mughal, Turkish, Telugu, and Arabic. According to Mercer’s latest report, this smart city is ranked as the top residential city in the world. It is one of the most populous residential metropolises in the world.

Population of the city has exponentially risen in recent past years. If we look at the population graph during the period 1971 to 2021, a tremendous increment per year in the size of the population bar can be observed. This population explosion in the city has caused a surge in commercial as well as personal vehicles. Hyderabad City is one of India's biggest metropolitan cities, and it has experienced a population boom along with the corresponding challenges of traffic and transportation issues. The current modes of transportation such as buses and trains are over-stretched.

DLF Group
  • DLF IT Park SEZ, Hyderabad
Capitaland Group (Ascendas)
  • Cyber Pearl IT Park, Hyderabad
Hitachi Lifts
  • K Raheja Mindspace, Hyderabad

  • Mindspace, Hyderabad
Golden Ikon
  • Amazon, Hyderabad

Dense vehicular movement during peak hours is the sole reason for extreme traffic congestion in the city. Bumper-to-bumper traffic slows down the mobility of commuters and thereby it increases their travel time significantly. With such overwhelming traffic congestion, people are most often found searching for a secure parking space. Parking has become an extremely challenging task for people in a city like Hyderabad.

To manage the parking of vehicles at different business facilities, residential complexes, and high-rise buildings, an advanced parking management system suits best. Our projects in this smart city are designed to manage complex parking issues. CuroPark is an intelligent parking management system that helps end users find a secure parking place with utmost ease. Our projects are intended to provide customized parking management solution to customers. The projects help enhance the security of vehicles and also eliminate the hassle in vehicle parking in the vicinity.

Our projects are beneficial for both building admin as well as end-user as the application of the smart parking management system helps ensure vehicle safety. In addition, chaos in parking during peak hours is eliminated completely which results in saving time and energy. Currently, users from top Fortune 500 MNCs are constantly getting benefits from our automated parking management system. There are plethoras of projects functional in this metropolis. We feel proud of serving our esteemed customers such as DLF Group, Capitaland Group (Ascendas), and Hitachi Lifts, among others

The only objective of our projects is to deliver overall client satisfaction. We uphold our commitment by providing an immediate solution to parking-related issues. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to a successful business; in light of this, we went above and beyond to offer a suitable parking management solution. The projects are designed and implemented as per the customers' requirements by our team of experienced technocrats.