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The primary issue, which is a lack of parking spots in the majority of mixed public and private developments, is being caused by the tremendous growth in vehicles around the world. According to research, 30% of traffic bottlenecks are caused by drivers stumbling to find parking spaces. In order to effectively manage the parking facility, we have come up with the most functional solution known as CuroPark Signature.

It is a one-stop solution for parking management in mixed property developments such as a combination of retail and commercial buildings. The system provides an optimal solution for generating a better metropolitan environment that helps in regulating and managing parking facilities efficiently. Curopark signature is loaded with customized features that assist users to check day-to-day availability of parking space. Knowing the current status of the availability of parking spaces, users can make a decision whether to park their vehicles or not. This helps in reducing incoming flux of traffic to a great extent.

It has been observed that mixed property development such as a combination of retail, domestic, and commercial buildings has spread its presence globally. Traditional approach of developing isolated commercial buildings, retail buildings, residential buildings, etc. is diminishing gradually. Places with a mixed utility such as amalgamation of commercial and retail segments, commercial and residential segments, retail and residential segments, etc., are the future

Basic Purpose

  • To avoid unauthorized parking.
  • Enabling seamless and smooth entry and exit experience to the parking users
  • To keep transparency of parking slots available & occupied
  • Vehicle access permission based on use type.
  • Maintain Security and avoid hazards.
  • Operator wise parking fee collection report..
  • Peak day and time of Parking utilisation.
  • Fixed and Progressive parking Tariff.
  • Keep the record of total parking fee collection with segregated mode of payment .
  • Keep proper records of all entry and exiting vehicles

Software Features


  • Commercial / Retail / Hotel / Residential (Any combination)
  • Multi-level
  • Single entry / Multi exit points
  • Multi entry / Single exit point
  • Multi Entry / Multi exit Points
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  • Free Parking
  • Passholders / FOC / Paid Parking
  • Realtime availability
  • Search and Book Parking
  • Digital prepayment of parking charges before exit
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  • Block Exit
  • Blacklist Entry
  • Driver Face mapped with Vehicle
  • Security Lock
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  • QR / FASTag based digital payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Parking collection reconciliation
  • Role based versatile reporting
  • Uses type wise versatile reporting
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The system is known for its capability of providing customized solutions for parking in Commercial / Retail / Hotel / Residential (Any combination of buildings). Key features include Multi-level parking, Single entry / Multi exit points, Multi entry / Single exit point, Multi Entry / Multi exit Points.


When it comes to reconciliation of the parking charges collected from different types of users, our system stands out from other competitors. CuroPark signature manages Free Parking users, Passholders / FOC / Paid Parking users effortlessly. It boasts features including search and book Parking, real-time availability check, among others.


To enhance security, we have incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as Facial Recognition and AI in the system. The system boasts a variety of security features. A few key security features that the system offers are blacklist entry block exit, digital secure lock, and driver face mapping with vehicles.


There is a range of other striking features that the system offers to its end users. Features such as Cash Payment, QR / FASTag based digital payment, Parking collection reconciliation, uses type wise versatile reporting, Role based versatile reporting are USPs of the system.

Challenges related to parking in mixed property developments are different from retail commercial segments and businesses. Therefore, it requires innovative methodologies to tackle ever new challenges arising in parking vehicles in mixed properties. Our team of experts has come up with the most advanced technologies that provide fitted solutions for tackling chaotic parking issues. With the help of CuroPark Signature variant, users get pre-defined parking access that they are allowed for. The idea of a smart parking solution eliminates confusion in parking vehicles in mixed property developments. It is really confusing to manage paid parking users, FOC parking users, pass holders, and free parking users in mixed property development. Thanks to our CuroPark Signature which brilliantly provides the best parking solution to abovementioned users. And also, the reconciliation of parking charges collected from all aforementioned users is easy for management with our smart automated parking system.

CuroPark Signature makes use of different cutting-edge technologies such as ANPR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition), RFID(Radio Frequency Identification), Dynamic QR, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Face Recognition technology to provide an intelligent ticketless parking solution. ANPR is an advanced character recognition technology that uses digital cameras to capture an image and read characters from a number plate. The technology is deployed for a plethora of purposes including law enforcement, electronic toll collection, smart parking, and parking management. We use ANPR in our system to automatically read license plates and accurately identify a vehicle. This helps in effortless and secure vehicle parking. Quick fast tag integration is also possible with this technology. RFID has become extremely popular in the automatic identification and tracking of objects. RFID is an abbreviation of radio frequency identification and it helps in identifying a tagged object with the help of an RFID reader and RFID tags. Tags comprise small antennas that transmit identity and other needful information through radio frequency waves. The transmitted data is then read by RFID reader and stored for further processing.

The device additionally uses QR technology to offer parking solutions. Black and white squares are arranged in a pattern to create a machine-readable QR code. It is utilized to store digital data that a mobile phone's camera may scan and read. Also, the system incorporates facial recognition technology, which is another important technology used by the system. Facial recognition employs Artificial Intelligent (AI) to help recognize faces. By engaging facial recognition technology in this system, we are able to maintain a record of the faces of vehicle occupants. This helps in enhancing security as we can track the vehicle occupants in time of need.


Our CuroPark Signature has made the parking experience incredibly easy and practical for all types of users. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and digital devices, it has completely revolutionized the way that automated parking is currently done.