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Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a city of art and culture. Located on the Coromandel Coast, this city is home to various Ancient Temples, natural wonders, and vibrant arts. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. The resplendent dance form of Bharatnatyam, exotic cuisine, sprawling beaches, gorgeous temples, and churches are the center of attraction of the city.

Due to an increasing number of motor vehicles registered across the city, bottlenecks in its various junctions and prime areas have become usual. People are usually found struggling to pave their way to destinations through extremely congested roads. Getting safe and organized parking is the most challenging deed for people. Whether people are looking for parking space at commercial, residential, retail, port, or mixed properties, they can be seen getting confused in parking their vehicles as parking guidance systems are not geared to tackle high-density vehicular movement in the metropolis like Chennai. Parking management systems are yet to be refined and replaced with an advanced and automated systems in order to eliminate the state of confusion and chaos caused due to unorganized parking.

DLF Group
  • DLF IT Park SEZ, Chennai
Capitaland Group (Ascendas)
  • Ascendas IT Park, Chennai
Industrial Clients
  • Roop Polymer, Chennai

With a motivation to boost the city’s parking management system and to make parking hassle-free and organized for visitors, employees, staff, and end-user, we have designed and implemented several projects in the city. These projects aim at providing seamless parking facilities to end users and efficiently managing challenges related to parking space planning, slot availability check, parking occupancy, and various others.

Currently, we are rendering our services to renowned clients such as DLF Group (DLF IT Park SEZ) Chennai and Capitaland Group (Ascendas IT Park) Chennai to name a few. Users from top fortune 500 MNCs are saving their time and energy spent during vehicle parking by utilizing our rendered parking management solution. Our objective is to impart a functional and efficient parking management system that caters to customers’ customized requirements. The projects are specially designed and implemented by our team of technocrats who understand subtle technical aspects of the system and strive to come up with an adaptable and worthy solution for parking management.

Depending on the property types such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, retail establishments, seaports, and other mixed properties, we design and develop customized automated parking guidance systems. That is why; our solutions are apt to tackle the complex parking issues in a metropolis like Chennai.

Security lies at the focal point of every project that we design and deploy. Technologies including ANPR, RFID, AI, facial Recognition, and QR, have made parking management system extremely secure as it has enabled to monitor entry and exit of every single vehicle. Entry and exit record maintenance and retrieval of data in case of emergency are a play of fingertips in projects featuring CuroPark.

Our projects are designed in a way to provide overall client satisfaction. From the designing and installation to servicing, each of the processes is guided and performed by experts. Knowing that a happy customer is a key to the growth of any business, we have left no stone unturned in making our customers elated by providing them on spot resolution of a problem faced during parking of vehicles in the vicinity.