Due to urbanization and increasing density of vehicles, fishing for a parking place is a common practice. Vehicles that cruise for parking spaces are responsible for approximately 30% of urban congestion. The requirement for a Smart Parking system has therefore been imposed by the ever-increasing traffic congestion. Smart parking technologies have enabled us to provide a solution that aids in better parking space utilization, parking operations, and traffic flow.

With the CuroPark parking management systems, we intend to provide an end-to-end solution that helps lessen the load of traffic congestion and eradicates confusion related to parking space occupancy. Smart parking management solution is the need of the time as the number of vehicles has drastically increased and the problem of land scarcity does not seem to be resolved soon. Therefore, the need for a smart and intelligent parking management system is inevitable.

We provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient solution for parking management at various sites such as commercial buildings, high-rise residential buildings, mixed properties, etc. CuroPark combines different new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR), and advanced digital devices that help manage complex parking issues, effortlessly. Smart Parking solution has made our lives really convenient by diminishing the hassle of parking vehicles.

CuroPark is used mainly to reduce time and enhance efficiency in managing the parking of all sorts of vehicles in the vicinity. It has overcome the shortcomings of current parking management systems employed in overpopulated cosmopolitan zones, multi-tenant commercial buildings, retail establishments such as malls, and residential buildings. Our smart parking management system provides details of the available parking slots and reduces traffic congestion caused by inappropriate parking in the space. The system is designed to cater to the requirements of building administrators by offering them effortless parking management solutions.

There are innumerable benefits of the CuroPark Parking management system. It has grabbed the eyes of building administrators by providing them real time solution for managing complex parking problems. The system conveys details of currently available parking slots, and thereby it helps end users find a parking space easily.

In this solution, security features are kept in the focus. In all variants of CuroPark, there are serviceable features such as digitally blocking exit of vehicle, blacklisting of entry, and capturing image of occupant in moving vehicle. Also, if there is unauthorized movement of vehicle is spotted; an alert message is sent immediately to guard and the owner of vehicle. This is the reason; rendered parking management solution is highly secure and reliable.

With this parking management solution, building administrator can maintain proper records of entry and exit of every vehicles. Maintaining complete database of all vehicle entry and exit helps eradicate security concern. CuroPark provides solution for all sorts of parking management issues. Also, managing guests by feeding their basic details such as name, mobile number, vehicle number, etc., into the system beforehand has eliminated problem of making your guest wait too long outside the entry of the building

CuroPark, which is an advanced parking management system is known for its integration with technology. It is founded on different technologies that include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID), Facial Recognition, and Dynamic QR code. The system enables end users to find vacant parking space, reducing traffic congestion, and saving time and fuel. The system eradicates chances of parking misuses and suspicious activity in parking facility.