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Touchless Technologies For The Workplace

Touchless offices may have seemed high-tech and revolutionary in the past, but they are now a new reality. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology allows us to accomplish more than we could on our own, which we see as a huge advantage! According to research conducted on the market, the value of the market for touchless technology is projected to nearly triple over the course of the next four years, going from $13.6 billion in value in 2021 to a projected $37.6 billion in value in 2026. These numbers are likely to continue to skyrocket as technologies that enable contactless interactions continue to advance, become progressively cheaper, and become more commonplace.

The way in which organisations function has been radically altered as a result of COVID-19. Touchless technology is at the top of the list of new measures and practises that companies have begun implementing to support their workforce and customer base. These businesses have also begun to adopt new practises and measures.On their way into and out of work, people used to touch elevator buttons, door handles, and check-in kiosks without giving it a second thought. This practice was common not that long ago. However, as concerns over the health and safety of our staff members continue to flood us, the issue of whether or not employees should touch communal surfaces has become a contentious one.

What Is Touchless Technology?

The human-machine interfaces that are standard in this field include technologies such as camera-based gestures, proximity-enabled screens, voice recognition, and eye-tracking equipment.

How Does Touchless Technology Works??

Because of this technology, your computer systems are now able to take commands via voice, user behaviour, facial patterns, or physical movement (e.g., hand gestures). These signals are processed and interpreted by the system in accordance with the algorithms that have been programmed, and then the system takes the action that the user specifies. Touchless technology has the potential to become an integrated solution that improves the experience of both employees and visitors when combined with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometric technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud connectivity. It not only makes taking attendance and entering the building easier by giving higher priority to important health and safety precautions, but it also guarantees uninterrupted service to customers and improves the efficiency of administrative tools.

Touchless Elevators To Keep You Safe?

In the year 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared, facility managers were faced with a new challenge that quickly rose to the top of their priority lists: ensuring the safety of their tenants. Because touchless technology is becoming increasingly common in multistory buildings, the elevator is frequently the only surface at which tenants, visitors, and staff members are required to engage in actual physical interaction within the building’s public areas. Although concerns about the cleanliness of elevator buttons are not new, the pandemic has created a new sense of urgency related to this issue. Research conducted in 2014 by OBP Medical found that elevator buttons in hospitals contained more bacteria than toilet flushers in the same facility. Many facility managers want to eliminate the possibility of their tenants returning after an extended absence to find crowds of people waiting in front of elevators and then having to select their floor by pushing a button that has been pressed by dozens of other people, despite the fact that the buttons are regularly cleaned. This is a scenario that many facility managers want to avoid.With the help of Curopark Touchless solution, you can easily make your office completely touchless and safe. We offer a comprehensive solution to make your office a completely risk-free environment, beginning with the moment you drive your vehicle into the office parking lot and continuing all the way through the time you use the elevators to get to your office floor, record your attendance with biometrics, and use the Curopark Visitor Management System to check in guests. It would appear that the Corona Virus is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. We have no choice but to accept it. It would be a smart move to make an investment in a technology that not only makes our working conditions safer but also enhances the way our jobs are done.


Touchless technology is a rapidly evolving technology with numerous growth opportunities; therefore, modern workplaces should embrace it as soon as possible and grow alongside it. Your spaces will feel fresher and more modern as you gradually incorporate more touchless technology into your properties, and tenants will notice the difference. Curopark and Curoelevate are two solutions that support a modern tenant experience today while also preparing your business for the industry’s ongoing digital transformation. Visit to know how to implement simple technological upgrades for a more streamlined workplace experience for you and your tenants now and in the future.

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