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Top 7 Benefits of a Smart Parking Management System

How to tackle the traffic menace and parking problems?

How CuroPark, CuroVMS and CuroElevate touchless solutions are beneficial for you business and your well being!

A parking management system eliminates the manual process and automates the entire parking process. An efficient smart parking management system will save our time, money and energy that otherwise goes wasted in finding a perfect parking spot. Suppose, you want to visit a nearby shopping mall. Just to ensure that you don’t waste your time in waiting at the car parking que, you choose a shopping mall which has smart parking management system CuroPark installed for seamless entry and exit of vehicles. You open the parking app ‘CuroPark’ on your mobile. The IoT based intelligent car parking app provides you the details of the available parking slots which are already booked, till what time they are booked and the parking slots which are currently available. You choose the parking spot most suited to you and book it for the specific time. You reach the shopping mall by the shortest route guided by the GPS from the same app through which you had booked your parking. At the entry gate, the boom barrier automatically opens as it recognizes your car registration number plate through ANPR. You are guided to the exactly same parking spot which you had booked through mobile phone. While exiting the parking bay, you don’t need to worry about the cash payment as the parking charges automatically gets deducted through FAStag payment mode.

How Smart Parking Solution helps in Improved User Experience:

The seamless entry and exit of vehicles with the use of technology helps in saving Time, Energy and Fuel for the user. The add on benefit is the real time updates that one receives while using the parking app. You can check the availability and book the parking slot accordingly even before visiting the parking lot. Smart parking app like CuroPark is a perfect example of human innovation with excellence. Apps like CuroPark improve the users parking experience drastically.

7 Top Benefits of Smart Parking Management Solution

Reduces Traffic :- As there is no need to roam around and search for parking space when you are using smart parking app, there can be considerable reduction in the traffic.

Reduction in pollution:- Air pollution is directly associated with traffic congestion. When more and more people use smart parking apps, the traffic congestion reduces that eventually reduces the air pollution to a large extent.

Safety & Security of vehicles:- Smart parking solutions like CuroPark are provides complete safety to your vehicle with the use of Smart Cameras, Sensors etc.

Low Cost and High RoI:- The intelligent parking system require minimum manpower to manage huge parking lots. Moreover, they come with an added benefit of paying through online methods and payment gateways.

Accepts Payments Through Digital Modes:- CuroPark also offers Fastag as a mode of payment at parking spaces. Government has made it mandatory for every vehicle to fix Fastag sticker. The vehicles which don’t have FASTag fixed have to shell out double the toll amount in cash. Hence it becomes easier for operator also to deduct parking amount from the FASTag balance

Book A Parking Through App:-With Parking Apps like CuroPark, you can prebook the parking spot and navigate to the booked parking spot through Parking guidance system easily

Mobile App Based Smart Parking Management System:- The smart parking app like CuroPark displays the availability of parking spots crystal clear i.e. Available or Occupied. Proper records of entering and exiting vehicles is also maintained through the app.