Advantages of Parking Management System

Parking management system comprises of access control and security features such as Closed Circuit Television for surveillance, RFID, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to enhance the overall experience of the building visitor, as it offers an ease to find a parking space. Parking management system eases out the parking process for the visitors while simultaneously optimizes the parking space for operators helping them earn more revenue. Parking management system are not only convenient but they add flexibility in controlling the flow of vehicles in a parking area.

Main Features of Parking Management System

1: Automated Access Control System: Access control devices regulate the flow of traffic in a parking lot. It saves payroll cost as less or no manpower is required to issue tickets, directing traffic and collecting payments. It also puts a cap on revenue leakage and avoids theft or fraud by employees. The machine documents all transactions, giving owners 24X7 access to view/review data to take timely corrective measures.


2. Software to Manage Parking: Parking management software is used by the companies to optimize parking space, manage the influx of vehicles, and ensure the safety of vehicle and people in the building premises. It makes process efficient by optimizing the parking space. It provides real-time data like filled and vacant parking spots, vehicle counts, parking charges and lot many other features.

3. Statistical Reporting Software:

To take timely business decision in this competitive world is very important. An advanced parking management system should produce all relevant information that are critical for the success of Parking business. The company managing the parking operations needs to refer to these statistics to take effective and efficient decisions in allocating resources in the most efficient manner.

4. Parking Guidance System:

Parking guidance system is a form of technology that is designed for drivers providing them with real time parking information. Parking guidance system helps drivers to find the nearest parking spot easily and quickly. It also helps in less emission into the atmosphere making the entire process much greener and environmental friendly. With quickly finding the parking spot, less fuel is burnt which saves users money too.


5. Automatic Number Plate Recognition:

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a technology that helps detect, deter and dirupt criminality- both organised and unorganised crimes. ANPR allows devices to read license number plates quickly and automatically, with less or Zero human intervention. With ANPR cameras, the parking operators have eyes on the parked cars 24X7 uninterrupted. Using ANPR technology is a must for Advance parking Management System.

Why Parking Management System Is Necessary?
  1. 1: Better ROI: With Advanced Parking Management System, the operators can achieve better ROI as it helps in reducing the traditional and long term fixed and operational costs by leveraging technology as a solution.
  2. 2: Cost effective: Using Parking Management System decreases parking management costs considerably. Less Manpower is required to operate and manage a huge parking facility by the use of Parking management system.
  3. 3: Easy Implementation: Shifting from conventional parking to an advanced parking management system is very easy. Moreover, most of the parking solution provider companies like provides customized and tailor made solutions as per the site/facility requirements. Curopark also takes care of the facility managers/ actual users training programs.
  4. 4: Better Parking Experience for Users: Parking management systems optimise parking lots which means less efforts, less fuel, No queues and more saving while parking car in your facility. The user can pay parking charges through various digital modes. These are the ingredients that are required to make your customers happy.
  5. 5: Safety and Security: An advance Parking Management System like Curopark provides complete safety to your vehicles. The user can set an alarm also for his ‘leaving time’ so that if anyone tries to break open your vehicle, a hooter will sound and the exit barrier will not open automatically.

Investing on Advance Parking Management System has great benefits with strong returns on the investments as it reduces huge operational cost by leveraging technological solutions. The parking facility can be managed far more efficiently with the use of Advance Parking Management System. Hence, it is very critical to choose the right partner for transforming the parking area. Curopark is a renowned and trusted name in the parking industry.

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