Why Touchless Technology is the need of the hour?

Well, we all know that it wasn’t that long ago people didn’t think twice about touching elevator buttons, door handles and check-in kiosks on their way in and out of work. But now, we are all more aware of everything we touch, especially in the office. There is a clear-cut requirement to reduce common touchpoints in the offices. Now touchless solutions have gone from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘essential’ in keeping people safe at work. By creating touchless experiences, the amount of maintenance also reduces considerably.  

We at Radius are constantly working day in and day out to remove all the obstacles that may hamper your work operations. We have designed for you the Touchless technology-based solutions. which are easy to adopt and implement in your existing ecosphere without hampering your current work operations.  The touchless operations that we have developed are bound to cut down the chances of infection drastically. As touchless interaction spills over to the workplace, workers are more inclined to work with low touch settings to ensure their own and other’s safety. It’s an open fact now that companies who adopt the highest degree of touchless technology gain a competitive edge over others.

How CuroPark, CuroVMS and CuroElevate touchless solutions are beneficial for you business and your well being!

To begin with, Curopark, our automated parking management solution is one app which is embedded with many solutions. We are grateful to our esteemed clients DLF, Max India, Capitaland, Kraheja and many more who have already adopted our ‘Automated Parking Management’ system and are helping many users to get rid of their parking problems, keeping them and their near ones safe and secure amidst this pandemic. In this journey, I would request your kind attention on the video which shows how our touchless parking management system Curopark is helping our clients in managing the traffic inside their building premises.

Our Smart Parking Management system Curopark helps Parking Lot Owners, Government authorities and end users in many ways:

1: Cost Benefit– Curopark requires minimum human intervention in managing the parking facility. And with less human power required for automated parking system, not only the cost of managing parking lot reduces considerably, it also speed up the entire parking process. The chance of error reduces and simultaneously cost-effectiveness of the system increases. It prevents unnecessary chaos and traffic build up at points of entry and exit. 

2: Transparency- With Curopark, the availability situation of parking spot becomes crystal clear- Available or Occupied. The allotted parking slots are smoothly maintained and maintaining proper records of vehicles entering or exiting the premises becomes easier.

3: Optimum Utilisation Of Parking Space- The basic requirement for every business is to cut down the waste and utilise the available resources optimally. The same goes for Car Parking Management business. The success of car parking business depends a lot on proper utilisation of parking space. And with Curopark, you can easily optimise the parking space, adding profits to your parking business.

4: Additional Advantages- CuroPark comes with a lot of features like real time checking of parking availability, Theft prevention through smart alerts, Alarm setting for the exit time, booking a Parking slot for your guest and many more.

5: Easy To Use- A Smart Parking management system generally constitutes: 

A. Automated access control system

B. Parking management software

C. Security Analysis

D. Payment gateway system

E. Real time parking data display

F. Parking guidance system

G. Boom barriers

H. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate recognition)

I. E-ticketing etc. 

You only need an app like Curopark and a device like Mobile handset or a tablet to manage small and huge parking areas

Where the Parking Management System Should be Implemented:

Curopark parking management system should be installed at Multi-tenant Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls and at Residential buildings. CuroPark is a 100% touchless automated parking system which requires minimum human interference providing maximum safety to you and your loved ones. No need to roll down the windows, no storing or showing parking tickets at exit, no sign-in at the parking register, no paperwork, nothing. On top of it, the user can pay the parking charges through digital modes instead of paying in cash. 

The biggest advantage is that if you are using FASTag, the amount automatically gets debited from your fastag balance. The solution not only secures your vehicle but helps you to avoid touching the exposed things like pen, paper etc.

Wise Investment with Great Returns:

Investing on Smart Parking Management System has great benefits with strong Return on the Investment as it saves huge operational cost by using advance technological methods. The parking facility can be managed far more effectively with the use of Advance Parking Management System.

DLF has implemented the app based parking solution, Curopark, in all their office buildings in North India. As per their feedback, tenants and visitors in these premises have appreciated the technology and are able to manage and organize their parking spaces more efficiently. 

Thermal Scanning

In a world where people don’t want to touch exposed areas because of the wide-spread of Covid-19, the touchless access control system is our biggest saviour.  We are the undisputed leader in the entrance automation system.  Our touchless entrance automation solutions take care of all your worries and help you to keep you and your workers safe and healthy. 

As we all know, temperature measurement is an important part of the assessment to determine if a person has an elevated temperature potentially caused by a Covid-19 infection. In office complexes, shopping malls and other public places, thousands of visitors come every day.  To keep the place safe and infection free, it is very critical to measure the temperature of all the visitors. The traditional way of measuring temperature through handheld thermometer and thermal scanners, where a security guard points the temperature measuring gun on the visitor’s body, is not only tiring and cumbersome but a potential threat to spread infection also. 



The guard must come very near to the visitor to measure temperature. But temperature measuring through our touchless thermal IP cameras is very fast, accurate and efficient. Our touchless thermal IP cameras enable multi person detection in a very short time without being physically close to the person being evaluated.

Touchless technology at its best, Isn’t it??

 That is the reason our touchless thermal IP cameras have replaced the old & outdated devices and are now being used in offices, shopping malls, business parks and other public spaces.

Thermal Touchless Access Control and Visitor Management System:

Since Covid-19 pandemic began, we are all more concerned and apprehensive about touching shared surfaces. People no longer want to touch public door handles, push buttons on elevators or swipe a proxy card reader for an access control system. 

It makes pure sense to invest in futuristic touchless technologies for residential and commercial spaces. 

CuroVMS, a software developed by our R&D team, is an intelligent contactless visitor management system that helps automate visitor registration, check-in & check-out and automate visitor gates and turnstiles. It is far more advanced, speedy and 100 percent touchless solution which completely has redefined the visitor management system in a big way. Gone are the days when visitors had to manually register their details on the paper register to gain access to the visiting premises. Most of the offices opted for the technology where visitors had to fill in their details on the pre-designed form displayed on I-pads or tablets. Though this process was fast, it was still not safe, especially during pandemic. The device had to be touched by different visitors coming from different areas and segments of societies, causing apprehensions and fear among employees, facility managers and to the visitors too.


We at radius always love to take challenges to remove all the obstacles that can hamper your business growth. Hence, we have come out with a 100 percent touchless visitor management solution where the visitors have to only scan the QR code displayed at the reception area, through their own mobile devices.  A form will appear on visitors’ mobile phone where they need to fill in their details, the purpose of their visit and the person whom they want to meet.  A message is sent to the host immediately and if the host approves it, the visitor is allowed to go inside the premises. A QR pass is generated on the visitor’s mobile through which he can easily check-in and check-out through turnstiles and gates. 

CuroVMS is 100 percent touchless VMS that enables fast and secure access to the visitors and also keeps a complete record of every entry and exit of the visitors. CuroVMS also helps in managing and analysing visitors’ visits using a real-time dashboard and reporting system like capturing and printing visitors’ photographs, ID proofs and e-signature.  This not only makes the entire process safe and secure, but it also speeds up the entry process. As CuroVMS is a cloud-based application, all the data is securely stored in the cloud for future usage.  The best part is that CuroVMS is integrated with Curopark to manage visitors along with taking care of their parking needs, ensuring their seamless entry and exit from a single platform.  

CuroElevate : Touching elevator buttons multiple times a day is a basic requirement in building premises. No doubt, the elevator buttons are the most touched surfaces in high rise residential and commercial towers making them highly contaminated.

But did you know that with our specially developed app CuroElevate, you don’t have to touch the lift buttons?

From digital wallets to virtual keys, The things we rely on most continue to migrate to smartphones. How can the lift operations be left behind? Putting elevator controls in the hands of building occupants through our smartphone app CuroElevate, provides the greatest flexibility for building managers and the best experience for tenants and visitors.CuroElevate, our specially developed app has all the features that will make the occupants, tenants, and visitors life safe and secure not only in a pandemic but always!

Here’s how our touchless elevator system ‘CuroElevate’ is building confidence among employees, managers, and senior management officials to come to office fearless and confident during these testing times. Here is the video to understand CuroElevate in a better way!

Not only our nation, but all of humanity is going through a very testing time. We can’t afford to be casual this time and will have to keep our guards constantly up to fight this pandemic.

Going touchless is the only way forward that will drive our business and will instil confidence in our employees and our customers.

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