My visit to a crowded Shopping Mall at South Delhi

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Last week was bit hectic and I was desperately waiting to unwind myself by spending quality time with my family on the weekend. After binge watching Netflix and Amazon with my kids Rohan and Ryan, we thought of going on a long drive to be followed up with a shopping mall visit at South Delhi. As Spider man’s new movie ‘No Way Home’ is about to release, there was some promotional activity going on at the mall and the kids were really excited to be part of that activity.  

Managing Parking Through SMART Parking Solutions:

Though there was a huge traffic rush and long queues at the parking entrance, the cars were moving smoothly inside the mall parking. At the ticket window, I was told by the parking attendant that I don’t need to pay in cash as the parking amount will automatically get debited from the FAstag that I am using. The mall had Smart Parking System installed for smooth entry and exit of vehicles. Well, the mall had a three-level car parking facility, and I got the parking slot at level 3 only. 

Watching Spiderman doing ‘LIVE Action’ is fun!

The Spiderman’s event was scheduled at 5.30pm. We reached well on time but still found it hard to find a right viewing place as it was already crowded. With much fanfare and crowd cheering, the Spiderman came to the platform which was specially created for him. And he right away started doing his various trademark actions while the signature tune played in the background. The event was worth watching. It all continued for around 20 minutes and then the spiderman’s posing session started with kids who were jostling with each other in excitement to get themselves clicked with Spiderman. Finally, the event was wrapped up in 40 minutes.

Now that the kids were satisfied with what they wanted to see, the next plan was to take a stroll to the mall, do window shopping and then grab some bite at the food court. 

We got free around 8.30pm and now it was time to head back home and therefore we reached our parking slot at level 3. 

From ‘Far From Home’ to ‘No Way Home’- Spiderman movies title are relatable to us!

I was expecting a smoot exit from the shopping mall but that wasn’t to be! The Smart parking solution which was installed at the shopping mall was not that Smart and was mal-functioning frequently. There was a long queue of vehicles wanting to exit from the parking lot. The person managing the parking lot was clueless and didn’t knew what to do. While I was struggling to reach home, Spiderman’s movie titles, Far From Home’ to No Way Home’ started rolling over my head.

That is the time I realised that it is not about just installing a parking solution, the after sales support one provides to its clients is equally important so that when they face crisis, they are able to handle the situation calmly.

Eventually, I had to pay in cash for the parking as the ticket collector didn’t knew for how long my car was parked in the parking lot. Whatever timeframe I conveyed him, he had to agree. This was a direct loss to the parking management company thanks to the cheap parking solution they had installed to manage car parking.

Curopark Parking Solution is the best in its class and has the trust of largest land developers

Well, one thing is for sure. Managing parking lot is easy only when you have a parking solution like Curopark. They not only provide you the best technology for parking management, but their after sales service is also a part of the parking solution. Though team Curopark has set a benchmark of 99.9% uptime for their parking system, they also focus on regularly checking the systems in place, troubleshooting the errors proactively and addressing the clients concerns and requirements at a lightning speed.

That is the reason that one of the largest developers in India, DLF, has installed Curopark parking solution in their commercial buildings. Apart from DLF, the other prominent groups like Suncity, ORD Towers, CapitaLand are also happily using Curopark solution for their car parking management.

Curopark Parking Solution is best suited for Commercial business centres, Residential societies, Government Offices, Hospitality sectors, Educational Institutes and public parking spaces. I have mentioned below the benefits that are achieved by installing Curopark Parking App solution in your building.


Parking Management Solution – Key to Multi-Tenant Commercial Building Parking Solution

1-Doing away with manual registration of entry & exit- With the use of advance hardware and software technologies like RFID & ANPR, we offered a whole range of Vehicle Management System automating everything from entry to exit, avoiding unauthorised parking in the vicinity.

2- Error Free System- As the data is captured automatically without manual interference, and stored in a central system, the chances of error are negligible. To find a parking spot was never so easy!

3- Transparent System- The smart parking management system makes the Parking availability status crystal clear – Available or Occupied. The same is displayed on the screens/devices through our App and users can check and park their vehicles accordingly.

4- Safety & Security- The Curopark parking management system prevents theft through smart alerts. A person can set the exit time of his vehicle and if a vehicle attempts to depart at an unexpected time, the boom barrier will not open and at the same time the hooter will sound. The movement of every vehicle is recorded through snapshots and videos in the entire complex.

5- Low Operational Cost- The operational cost of our Car Parking Management system is very low as it requires minimum manpower to manage the parking areas.

My sincere request to the facility managers and land developers is to invest on a company that is known for his brand value and work ethics. A company that focusses on improving the customers experience through Smart solution. And Curopark is the only reliable partner for all your car parking solutions. Reliability and trust are synonyms to Curopark.

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