How Safety Comes First with Automated Car Parking System!

Safety Benefits With an APS!

There are many benefits associated with Automated Car Parking system as compared to conventional parking system. The few benefits that come to mind are ease of use, convenience and a peace of mind. However, the most critical benefit, that is often overlooked is ‘Increased Safety’ with APS.

The Conventional parking system eat up much space than is required. These become a huge liability to the real estate owners. As the cars in a conventional parking space are parked in a haphazardly manner, the risk of damage, criminal breaking into parked automobiles etc increases manifolds. To avoid these risks, the real estate or the parking owner must invest a lot in the infrastructure. The Automated Parking System however provides a complete solution to all these issues.

Is there a way by which we can avoid accidents in the parking lots??

The answer is pleasantly ‘Yes’. And the solution is ‘Smart Parking’

Smart Parking Applications- An intelligent solution to the parking problems

Smart parking is a term coined to the innovation in the field of Car Parking solution through technology and with minimum human intervention. Let me explain how Smart Parking Technology or Automated Parking System help us.

  • Accidents: With an APS or Smart Parking App, the driver must park his vehicle in the pre allocated parking space only. This helps in arranging the parked vehicles in an organized manner. The chances of accident that happens in parking lots and garages reduces considerably.
  • Crimes: In an APS, the vehicle owner can set an alarm for his vehicle leaving the parking lot. In case any miscreant or thief tries to break open the car, the hooter at the exit gate becomes active and a message too will appear on the user’s screen. As human security guards are unable to keep a watch on every vehicle, the technology plays a pivotal role in curbing crime.

The parking process becomes seamless with the help of APS and Smart Parking App. It Saves your precious time, energy and money!

Ingredients of Smart Parking System

The essentials of intelligent parking systems!

A smart parking system or Intelligent parking system essentially needs Sensors, Cameras, Parking meters, Central Servers, Parking management software, IoT based smart parking mobile apps etc. The sensors and cameras work in tandem with each other in collecting and transmitting the information to the parking operators. The central server securely stores the information and informs all concerned about the status of parking slots. The software processes the data that it has received and reserves the parking slot for the user.

How Smart Parking Solution helps in Improved User Experience

The seamless entry and exit of vehicles with the use of technology helps in saving Time, Energy and Fuel for the user. The add on benefit is the real time updates that one receives while using the parking app. You can check the availability and book the parking slot accordingly even before visiting the parking lot.  CuroPark car parking app is a perfect example that shows how productivity can be increased with the help of technology. CuroPark improve the users parking experience.

  • Reduces Traffic: As there is no need to roam around and search for parking space when you are using smart parking app, there can be considerable reduction in the traffic.
  • Helping Environment: Air pollution is directly associated with traffic congestion. When more and more people use smart parking apps, the traffic congestion reduces that eventually reduces the air pollution to a large extent.
  • Safe & Secure: Smart parking solutions like CuroPark encompass equipment like Cameras, Sensors which provides safety and security to your vehicles.
  • Profitability: The intelligent parking system require minimum manpower to manage huge parking lots. Moreover, they come with an added benefit of paying through online methods and payment gateways.

Smart Parking technology is the future for metros and large cities parking problems where congestion and consequent air pollution are the major issues.

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