Controller for Hanging problem

Preventing hanging issue of controller with multi-tag reader.

Device Details

Device: Controller for hanging issue

Location: DLF Cyber City

Organization: DLF

Industry Segment: Mixed

Year of Commencement: 2018


Fast reading reader deployed at DLF Cyber City was performing too fast for multi tag vehicles. This resulted in   controller experiencing continuous hanging. The data from the reader was transmitted too frequently for controllers. Continuous data transmission to controller resulted in unwanted operations of boom barrier. DLF Cyber City was looking for an intelligent controller which could perform in an optimum manner.


Team was made aware of the problem and handed over the task of coming up with a solution. Team came up with an inbuilt controller for managing the issue of time with the controller. Once the controller was deployed and the system was implemented, there was no issue of timing with the controller.


Thanks to Novus controller, operation became smooth at DLF Cyber City. The software design of the controller eliminated the issue of frequent hanging of controller in case of multi-tag reading.