Visitor Management System

Managing Guests and Cab.

Application: Visitor Management system

Location:  DLF Cyber City

Organization:  DLF

Industry Segment:  Mixed

Year of Commencement: 2018


Managing cabs and guests is a challenging task for multi tenants commercial building. Recognizing the issue, DLF Cyber City was in search of an automated visitor management system for its premises. In absence of an automated system continuous cab and guest arrival resulted in jam at the entry and exit.

Besides, the clogging of vehicle and people there was also delay in providing access inside the premises. Jam at the entry and exit affected the arrival and departure process for the regular vehicle and people.


Software team was contacted and handed over the task of resolving the problem. The team embraced the problem with an open mind. For cabs, the idea of ANPR (Automatic no. plate recognition) was implemented. License plate of all the pick & drop cabs were entered into the system for validation. Once the cab in the list arrived at the entry, automatic access was granted to them. Employee could now take permission for friends and visitor vehicle ‘s also by taking an appointment before-hand.

For guests and visitor, visitor management system was introduced. Information of visitor is entered into the system before the actual date and time of arrival. Once the guests arrived, they could check their detail on a screen. Once the information is verified, a QR coded slip is generated allowing access into the premises.


Courtesy, visitor management system and ANPR technology, the location saw significant improvement in the clogging of vehicle and people at entry and exit points. Flow of traffic (people and vehicle) became smooth after implementation of visitor management system.