Reserved Parking

Reserved parking slot for important and female employee.

Application Details:

  • Application: Reserved Parking
  • Location: DLF Cyber City
  • Organization: Make-My-Trip
  • Industry Segment: Travel & Tourism
  • Year of Commencement: 2018


Prominent tenants (Including Make My Trip) of DLF Cyber City were facing non-availability of parking for eminent persons and female employee. Concerned tenants hoped for no waiting time for important persons by reserving specific slots for such persons.

Idea was to develop a system through which a particular set of parking slots are always available for reserved persons. Make My Trip focus was on reserved parking employee for female employee. They were looking for dedicated parking slot for female employee.


The task was assigned to software team. They grabbed the opportunity with utmost enthusiasm. The challenge of introducing reserved parking (VIP, Female) was interesting. Normal parking system was not efficient in implementing reserved parking concept.

Understanding the unique requirements, solution was developed, through which admin can categorize a set of parking slots as reserve.  Access to the reserved parking slot is not allowed for normal employee and persons.


The solution offered in CuroPark satisfied the demand of concerned party and customers. Important persons and female employee easily find the reserved parking slots without spending extra time on searching process.