How Smart Parking Is Helping Drivers?

Smart Parking is a word that each one of us is getting used to everyday. It is already operational in all the metro cities. It is flexible, scalable and easy to install, hence Smart Parking is a low barrier solution for places that want to maximize the power of IoT to bring huge benefits to its citizens.

The Global vehicle population is growing at a very rapid pace. Vehicle production and sales are not showing any signs of slow down, barring the last 2 years pandemic time.

It is expected that by 2035, there would be more than 2 Billion cars on the roads. With such a huge number of cars and limited car parking space, the parking management system needs to be overhauled completely.

Long car queues outside entry and exit gates of shopping malls, residential towers and commercial building is very common these days. To not able to find a parking space or wasting too much time at the entry gate of commercial buildings reduces the footfall in the building is a direct loss to the land developer and the companies/outlets operating from that area.

What is Smart Parking Management System

It is an intelligent parking system which helps drivers in finding a parking space. The available spaces are usually indicated using a mobile phone application or digital displays adjacent to the roads so that the driver navigate and park his vehicle at the vacant spot. The low powered wireless parking sensors collects the data which helps the drivers to find available parking space without any hassle.

Benefits of Smart Parking Management System

  • Fuel Saving: As drivers are directed to the vacant/available parking spot, hence less fuel is wasted in searching for the nearest parking area. The drivers don’t need to go round a round to search for a perfect parking spot.
  • Money Saving: When less fuel is wasted in searching for the parking space, there is a huge saving on the amount we spend on filling our car fuel tanks.
  • Save Time: By driving more efficient when in search of parking space, the drivers need to drive a few kilometers less. This saves a great amount of time and effort, directly impacting the productivity of the driver.
  • Environment Footprints: Driving less means lowering the pollution level. Benefit of wasting few kilometres in search of the parking space means we reduce the pollution created by burning the car fuel.
  • Increase in Safety: As drivers know where exactly the available car parking spot is, they will have more attention on the roads. By having their eyes on the roads, the chances of accidents reduce considerably. 
  • Reduces Stress: Having uncertainty and pressure to find a parking spot near our destination can be stressful. But with the use of Smart parking, we know where the available parking spot is located. We can drive straight to an open parking space, stress free.
  • Smart Parking reduces the search traffic on the roads: Smart parking make sure that there are fewer cars that drive slowly, in search of parking spot. This hugely benefits traffic flow and reduces congestion on even the busy roads.

An automated parking system like Curopark offers quick and easy vehicle access at the entry and exit gates. By using RFID and ANPR technology, the system automatically approves the entry and exit of authorised vehicles by opening the boom barriers. In Multi-tenant buildings, the PMS (Parking Management System) can be used to allow entry only for the vehicles which are approved by the management of tenant companies operating from that building. The other big advantage of smart parking management system is that the screen at the parking entry gates displays the number of parking occupied and vacant at any given time.  Few other benefits of Parking Management System like Curopark are:

1: Automated Tag reading for 4 wheelers.

2: Separate Access Card based reader for 2 wheelers.

3: Automated Barrier Operation for Entry/Exit.

4: Maintains availability of company parking.

5: Slot Allocation on entry

6: Exit as per security settings by user.

7: Block vehicle exit as per settings by building admin.

8: Enhanced security by limiting access to restricted areas

9: Customized reporting through software

10: Single app for multiple buildings

11: View parking availability- Anytime/Anywhere

12: FasTag integration for easy parking payments.

With the increase in vehicles on the road and on-going infrastructural challenges, the need for efficiencies when it comes to mobility and parking become more and more apparent. The cities need to manage the potential impact of all changes the future might bring. This can only be done through precise and future proof planning with the help of a Smart Parking System.

Wise Investment with Great Returns:

Investing on Smart Parking Management System has great benefits with strong Return on the Investment as it saves huge operational cost by using advance technological methods. The parking facility can be managed far more effectively with the use of Advance Parking Management System.

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