Car parking Problems in Urban Areas and Its Solution

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Car Parking is a major problem in city areas in developed and developing countries. In India, the metro cities like Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata are facing a huge parking area crunch that adds to traffic chaos in already crowded roads. The parking space is woefully falling short of the current requirements in these cities. The statistics shows that on any giving working day, more than 40 percent of the roads in urban India are taken up for just parking the cars. All this has created an imbalance between parking supply and parking demand. Traffic congestion, traffic accident and environment pollution are by-products of metros traffic system.

Long car queues outside entry and exit gates of shopping malls, residential towers and commercial building is very common these days. To not able to find a parking space or wasting too much time at the entry gate of commercial buildings reduces the footfall in the building is a direct loss to the land developer and the companies/outlets operating from that area.

Smart Parking Management System

An automated parking system like CuroPark offers quick and easy vehicle access at the entry and exit gates. By using RFID and ANPR technology, the system automatically approves the entry and exit of authorised vehicles by opening the boom barriers. In Multi-tenant buildings, the PMS (Parking Management System) can be used to allow entry only for the vehicles which are approved by the management of tenant companies operating from that building. The other big advantage of smart parking management system is that the screen at the parking entry gates displays the number of parking occupied and vacant at any given time.  Few other benefits of Parking Management System like CuroPark are:

  1. Automated Tag reading for 4 wheelers.
  2. Separate Access Card based reader for 2 wheelers.
  3. Automated Barrier Operation for Entry/Exit.
  4. Maintains availability of company parking.
  5. Slot Allocation on entry
  6. Exit as per security settings by user.
  7. Block vehicle exit as per settings by building admin.
  8. Enhanced security by limiting access to restricted areas
  9. Customized reporting through software
  10. Single app for multiple buildings
  11. View parking availability- Anytime/Anywhere
  12. FastTag integration for easy parking payments


What Users have to say for the Technology based Car Parking Management Systems?


According to Mr. Ankit Goel, Director – Suncity Projects Pvt. Ltd, the occupants of Suncity Business tower, where CuroPark is installed, are very happy and satisfied. It has added tremendous value to the tower and has brought in discipline in the parking of cars & bikes.

His views echoes with Mr. Amit Midha, V.P. Operations (North), DLF. As per Mr Midha, “The app based RFID (radio-frequency identification) parking solution by CuroPark (Radius), implemented in all the DLF office buildings in North India, and has helped us manage our parking spaces better. In addition to making it convenient for the users as they can see the available slots in real time, even before they approach the parking locations, the app based system also enables the users to choose the level of safety of their parked vehicles. Our tenants & visitors have appreciated the technology and are able to manage & organize their allocated parking spaces more efficiently. The automated access has reduced the human intervention and eased the flow of traffic by reducing the time of ingress and egress, further helping in cost optimization and experience. It’s a must have solution for commercial office spaces, public parking and residential complexes.

Wise Investment with Great Returns:

Investing on Smart Parking Management System has great benefits with strong Return on the Investment as it saves huge operational cost by using advance technological methods. The parking facility can be managed far more effectively with the use of Advance Parking Management System.

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