Automated Parking System- The best thing that has happened to Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings!

Commercial Buildings without proper Automated Vehicle Management System are like body without soul!

The year was 2016. Summers were at its peak. My car air conditioning was ineffective and had surrendered to the scorching Sun of May. I had reached at my office gate at 10am. This was an important day for me as a foreign delegation was coming to meet me at my office at 11am. This meeting was very crucial as the company’s next level of funding was largely dependent on the outcome of this meeting. Here I was at my office entry gate, behind hundreds of other vehicles, which were struggling to enter the parking area. As the parking area was being managed manually, reaching to the parking spot which was allocated to me was a tough challenge. There were at least 6 security guards, managing the entry gate, registering the entry and exit of vehicles entering the premises manually!

My watch was ticking fast, faster than it normally does (I felt at that time). With each passing minute, my heart was sinking. I wished I could stop the ‘time’ for at least few minutes. But that was not to be. I definitely was having a harrowing experience that day.

My 1st Encounter with Smart Parking Management System

During my visit at New York City the previous year, I had seen how easily hundreds of cars were entering the parking bay, without any hassle. And the entire vehicle entry process was managed by only one security guard with one tablet device on his hands. The boom barrier was opening automatically for the cars, the numbers pertaining to the ‘available parking spots’ were clearly visible on the screen and the whole path was guided by CCTV cameras. Being from a technical background, I was curious to understand this technology based parking guided system. On digging down deep, I was so amazed to know the benefits that a Parking management system has compared to manually operated parking systems. No traffic queues, No wastage of fuel, enormous saving of time and energy- the benefits were countless.

The Present Day Parking Woes!

So, waiting for my turn to enter parking area, I was just thinking why we should not adopt such a smart Parking solution in Multi-Tenant Commercial and residential buildings. My problems didn’t end there only. Someone else had parked his vehicle at the parking slot which was allocated to me. And the security guard had no clue about that. I had no choice but to handover the car keys to the security guard to get my car parked at the available parking slot. I reached barely 5 minutes before the meeting time but as my car keys were not with me, that was making me tense and worried in the entire meeting.

How we converted our Manual Car Parking System to fully Automated Mobile app based Smart Parking System!

After the meeting fiasco, I was sure of one thing. Either we are getting the Smart Parking management system implemented at the building, or we are shifting to other commercial property which has proper car parking management system. We had a long discussion with the building management. We raised our concerns and surprisingly we came to know that not only us, there were other companies too, operating from the same commercial building, wanting to shift out due to car parking problems.  The developer was worried now. After persuading us to give him 30 days’ time to sort out the parking problems, he started searching for the best parking solution available in the market. The one company that was leading way ahead in providing parking management solution to the users was Curopark. Not only were the team Curopark super responsive in providing solution to all the queries, they were easily reachable too. And with the backing of largest land developers in their clientele list, they automatically became the first choice for our commercial building parking solution providers too. Post couple of meeting rounds with Curopark team, where they addressed the queries to our satisfaction; we were given a blue print of the plan to implement the automated parking solution. And within no time, the Curopark parking solution was implemented in our building. The parking nightmares that we used to have earlier have vanished now. Our productivity has increased and so is the smile on our face J

Go; get the automated Parking System Installed Now!

An automated car parking system is the need of the hour. If you too face problems in entering and exiting of your office parking area or are having security concerns regarding your vehicle at the parking area, ask your management to immediately switch to Advance Parking Management System like Curopark.

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