Is your Infrastructure Ready for Automated/Automatic Parking solution? Find Out Here

An Automated Parking System or APS is defined as a mechanical system that transports cars from the entry point to an available parking space in the vicinity. It uses multiple levels of stacking cars without any use of human interaction. The APS technology consists of hydraulic or mechanical lifts – making it pretty much convenient for all parking lots. With its efficiency and the minimal use of space, automated parking has proven to be perfect for all spaces.

Several benefits to the customers, Automated/Automatic Parking solution has in store numerous benefits for the property owners as well. Great space efficiency and environmental friendliness and enhanced public safety – with less opportunities for theft, accidents etc. the APS system solves several problems for the owners. Added benefits like no need for signs, lighting or pedestrian areas, no staff requirement besides maintenance, no fights or litter – makes it a very feasible option.

The Automated/Automatic Parking solution system lets the car owner enter the parking garage and drive the car onto a platform. The car needs to be shut off, and the owner needs to get out of the car. The system detects the size and shape of the vehicle with the use of sensors and finds the smallest space possible in the vicinity and through mechanical lifts places the car there. There needs to a payment booth to pay for parking which generates ticket – when the customer comes back to pick up his car, the system uses the code from his ticket to know which car to bring back to the platform. A very systematic process – automated parking is a blessing for many.

For customers it is essentially easier to choose Automated/Automatic Parking solution – customers do not have to roam around and burn their fuel while finding the right space. The car keys remain with the owner and nobody drives the car too. There remains no need to tip any workers with the added security of anti-theft, no accidents system – making it a win-win for the car owners as well.

Automated/Automatic Parking solution technology is eligible for almost all parking spots – existing spaces can also be converted to it. Want to get technologically advanced? To get in touch with the right people, click here.

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