Vehicles Security

Ensuring security of parked vehicles within a premise.

Application: Vehicle Security

Location:  DLF Cyber City

Organization:  DLF

Industry Segment:  Mixed

Year of Commencement: 2018


Security of parked vehicle is an important concern for persons and employees. Acknowledging the concern, DLF Cyber City was looking into a vehicle security system for its tenants and employees. In general scenario, security of vehicle is assigned to building admin. Manual security provides scope for error and lapse. Theft, unauthorized entry and exit is possible without a security monitoring mechanism.


Task of developing a fully secured solution was assigned to software team where they introduced several security measures to ensure that the parked vehicles have flawless security.  Automatic Boom barrier were installed for preventing unauthored entry and exit.

Vehicle exit has been programmed for a set time on owner’s approval. This feature cut the possibilities of theft by driver or any unknown person. Owners receive message on his phone about the exit. As a result, vehicle can exit only on owner’s approval.  Blacklist options to stop the passage of blacklisted vehicles were also implemented.


Once the security system was implemented, the result has been quite exceptional. Cases of theft and unauthorized entry and exit has come down significantly.