NMS (Network Monitoring System)

360° vendor agnostic, real time monitoring for network components.

Application: NMS

Location:  DLF Cyber City

Organization:  DLF

Industry Segment:  Mixed

Year of Commencement: 2018


After installation of a small or complex network, there are operational and maintenance issue of the network components. DLF Cyber City identified the problem and was looking to implement network monitoring system for the devices on the network.

Without a dedicated NMS, the network was witnessing frequent glitches and fault which could not be diagnosed pro-actively. There was no real time information of the status of the device. User got to know the status only, when the device broke down.


Automation team as chosen for implementation of Network Monitoring System. The team developed a solution which could monitor key performance metrics like device Availability, CPU process, memory utilization, bandwidth Utilization, Rx, Tx etc.  User could be updated through SMS and mail for critical alert and notifications.

With the implementation of solution, admin could continuously monitor the health of the network devices and take decisions based on solid data rather than intuition and experience.


After the implementation of network monitoring solution, the network experienced less coverage lapses and the life of the devices on the network also increased because of timely action. All the result could be attributed to network monitoring system.