Multi-Tag Reader

Identifying the correct RFID tag in case of multi-tags.

Application Details

Application: Multi-tag Reading

Location: DLF Cyber City

Organization: DLF

Industry Segment: Travel & Tourism

Year of Commencement: 2018


Now a days one vehicle has multiple tags pasted on the wind shield for access to different location. DLF Cyber City was looking for a reader which could filter the mismatched RFID tag and read the correct one.

Multiple tags resulted in time delay for access to business area since the deployed reader could not accurately figure out the mapped tag at first attempt. Inefficient reader hampered the smooth arrival process.


Automation team took the initiative of solving the problem with a solution. They deployed an in-built reader with a customized hardware and software components. The design made sure that only the mapped RFID tags are read by the reader.

The reader with 10 meters reading range performed consistently with high performance. Waiting time was also minimized and arrival process became pleasant for vehicle user.


Thanks to in-house built reader, only the matching tags were read allowing authorized entry without any delay. Vehicle were not getting stuck at boom barrier waiting for the gate to open up.